Inventteri 4000W





Inventteri 4000W hetkellinen ja 2000W jatkuva teho.

12V —-220W

Universal pistoke, (eu pistoke käy)

1 usb 5V

Brand: XU YUAN

Color: Black

Size: 19.5*9.8*5.6cm

Material: Aluminium alloy

Peak power: 4000W

Digital display: input / output voltage

Input voltage: DC 12V

Output voltage: 220VAC/50Hz±3Hz

USB output: 5V (1USB interface)

Plug: universal plug *3

No-load current: < 0.9A

Conversion Efficiency: ?85%

Output Waveform: Modified sine wave

Protection function: overload, over temperature, high voltage, low voltage, reverse connection and short circuit, intelligent temperature control, 4USB output interface, universal GB plug, double screens, which can be used for small power appliances (except inductive load electric appliances and motor products).

Scope of application: Household electrical appliances, etc.

Low Voltage Alarm: 10.4V – 11V

Low Voltage Shut Down: 9.7V – 10.3V

Over Voltage Shut Down: 14.5V – 15.5V

– Built-in protections short circuit,overload,overheat,low voltage and over voltage. keep your devices and car safe.

– Built-in cooling fan for span life and safety use.

– Smart size,light and compatible,lower noise and no pollution.

– Principle: this inverter is used for changing the dc into ac.

– Application: mini electric grinders, mini electric tools, mini sewing hines, dvd, vcd,vcrs, fans, lighting and so on.

Package Includes:

1*4000W DC12/24V To AC110V/220V Solar Inverter

1*Cable With Clamp

1*Car charger


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