MT3 Atomizer


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Atomizer Type : MT3
Liquid Volume : 2.4ml
Resistance : 2.4-2.6 Ohm
Depth : 14.2 mm
Width : 14.2 mm
Height : 70 mm
Weight : 19g

Details :

First of all this is an MT3 atomizer.
It is compatible for any EVOD and EGO battery.
Another battery that is compatible for is the CE4 batteries.
Furthermore the tank is 100% original, and the coil is replaceable.
Another factor is that its dimensions are 14.2mm depth and width.
As a result , the capacity is of 2.4ml.
Because of that capacity you can have 1200 puffs when its full.
Changing the coil won’t give you any trouble and also the tank is easy to handle.
Because the batteries that is compatible for are not very high in voltage,
its resistance only of 2.4 and also 2.6 Ohm.
And finally it comes in four amazing colors which are black, red .

Long wick
Capacity: 2.4ml


1x mt3 Atomizer Clearomizer Vaporizer


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